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Lexent Partners Ltd is a law practice with a difference. We operate in specialised areas of the law enabling us to obtain the best results for our clients.

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  • Michael Lent

    Director & Solicitor


    Insurance law is a speciality that few solicitors are able to develop and fewer still are able to offer it to clients other than insurers.

    Inevitably, Michael’s background comes from many years of advising insurers which he began in respect of policy issues as long ago 1983. Since then he had a career as a partner in firms such as Hammond Suddards (now Squire Saunders) and Bond Pearce (now Bond Dickinson).

    During this period, he defended a wide range of professionals and advised insurers on related insurance issues. This led to him being involved in some leading cases on issues, such as the Third Parties (Rights against Insurers) Act 1930.

    In addition at Bond Pearce, he set up a process, backed by ATE insurance, to enable insurers to pursue subrogated rights recoveries known as SuRR+. During this time he also acted for insurers on non-contentious matters drafting policy wordings and revisions to policy terms and conditions.

    He also acted in general commercial litigation for private clients which included insurance brokers. Further he began to advise private clients on insurance related disputes.

    Michael made a career change to become an underwriter of commercial litigation insurance on an after the event basis where he developed a successful account for over 6 years.

    A regular speaker on ATE and its related topics, Michael brings a unique perspective on insurance related issues, having been both a solicitor and an underwriter. This enables him to ensure that the private clients including insurance brokers, are afforded unbridled experience in advice over policy coverage issues or coverage disputes with their insurers.

    Michael has returned to private practice to manage the firm’s development into its new future, providing unrivalled specialist advice to its clients.